cyber.casa undertakes internet research.
To learn more or request a view of your network, contact [email protected].
internet census
We survey the internet to discover services that network owners and operators have publicly exposed.
Our survey is benign. Each destination IP receives only a small number of packets per day. To enable network operators to rapidly identify us, DNS PTR records are correctly set for all of our scan source IPs.
If you find particular probes technically or operationally problematic, please let us know why: [email protected].
opting out
To opt out, block the IP ranges and 2a06:4880::/32.
You may also opt out by emailing [email protected] with (a) the IP ranges concerned, (b) a confirmation that you represent the current end-user of those ranges, and (c) a method for us to verify your identity (e.g. email matching against public IP registration data).